As a child I spent countless hours diving into imaginary worlds through the magic of books. As a parent, I hope that my child finds the same love, experiences the magic and wonder that books hold. I watch my daughter look at books with keen interest and can’t help but smile. As beautiful and wonderful as this all sounds, reading was not always so pleasant. My daughter, though was very interested in reading books, was intimidated by the long sentences that seemed like endless paragraphs at first glance. Luckily for us, we discovered the Bob Book series. The Bob Book series is a jewel and must have for those just learning to read. The stories are short, sweet and simple to comprehend, but are purely delightful in the way they inspire confidence in budding young readers. Below are the available box sets.

  • My First Alphabet
  • My First Pre-Reading Skills
  • Box Set 1- Beginning Readers
  • Rhyming Words- Word Family Stories
  • Box Set 2- Advancing Beginners
  • Kindergarten Sight Words
  • First Grade Sight Words
  • Box Set 3- Word Families
  • Box Set 4- Complex Words
  • Box Set 5- Long Vowels
  • Cupcake Surprise
  • The New Puppy
  • My School Trip
  • I Can Ride!
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Buddy to the Rescue

A few of the books include flashcards for practice and list the words that you will be learning in the beginning along with helpful suggestions for learning to read. The Bob Book series takes their support to the next level by providing fun activities, games suggested by other readers and phone applications. Here are a few of their goodies below.

  • Reading Chart
  • Rhyme Fish- A Bob Book Rhyming Game
  • Kindergarten and First Grade Sight Word Matching
  • First Grade Sight Words- Fill in the Blank
  • Kindergarten Sight Word Search

The Bob Book series has been a tremendous blessing. After opening the first box set, my daughter could not wait to get her hands on the next set. She was thrilled every time we would walk into the book store and find the next set which she would then want to read right away. We started with box set one and have now completed several of the scholastic readers which have more complex story lines. Thankfully her joy for reading this series has spilled into an overall love of reading. Visiting the bookstore and library are now our favorite part of the week.

~Anna B.