Baby is here! Or about to be, very shortly. That means excitement, nausea, shopping and running around to get everything ready. Of course, your wonderful friends and family want to shower you with presents and some may ask what you need before buying. Skip the obvious, everyone else is getting you baby clothes and diapers. Go for more unusual but surprisingly indispensable products such as these.


1. Baby wraps

Having both of your hands free to do things is pretty much priceless, especially with a baby around. Unfortunately, babies need constant attention (and also, you don’t want to let go of them because they are cute and you love them so much), and it’s hard to fold laundry with only one hand. The solution is, of course, to wear your baby! Baby wraps are comfortable and practical, and they will help you stay close to your baby even while you go about your daily chores.

2. A huge purse

Diaper bags are not the most practical thing- It’s basically one more item you have to carry with you during the day and that you are likely to forget somewhere. Besides, they rarely go with the rest of your ensemble (and moms can be stylish too, thank you very much). A purse big enough to carry your own stuff and the baby’s stuff is the answer. You only need to go out with an extra bottle, a couple of diapers and baby wipes, no need to carry the whole nursery around with you.

3. Labels

Babies are notorious for being irresponsible and leaving their stuff behind at daycare. And then they cry because they don’t have their favorite teddy. Yeah, they really are such babies about this stuff. Unfortunately, they won’t change, you have to find your own way around this. Get some cute labels and plaster your baby’s name (and your contact details) all over everything they own. It will make your life much, much easier.

4. Receiving blankets

These are insanely practical. You can use them to swaddle your baby, as an extra layer on cold days, as a breezy only layer on warm days, as a burp cloth, as a changing station or, to get some privacy when feeding your baby or as anything else you can think of. You will probably want a hundred of these to keep around everywhere.

5. Night light

Even if your baby is too little to be afraid of the dark, night lights are priceless. Keep one in your nursery and all that late night running to check on the baby will be much easier. Feeding, diaper changing and coddling are all things that require you to see what you are doing, but turning on the main lights will only make the baby uncomfortable and also it will blind you for a few seconds. A night light solves these issues and when your baby grows up and is afraid of the dark, they can be comforted by it as well.