Being a mom means being on your feet like 90% of the time. you are either running around after your kids, doing chores, working or simply standing up because for some reason the baby doesn’t like to be held while you are sitting down. It goes without saying that your feet probably hurt or are swollen a couple of days a week. While this is perfectly normal, there’s no reason you should just put up with it. Tomorrow when you come home from work, take your time to pamper your feet. It will help you relax and it will be your way of saying thank you to your pretty feet.


1. Take your shoes off and put your feet up

Yup, it’s that simple. It is really healthy for your feet to be free from the jail that is shoes once in a while. Especially if you wear high-heels. Walk in grass or sand if you have the chance, it will really help you relax. Don’t worry about the dirt, that’s just an excuse to wash your feet and then put them up for a while. Having your feet up for a couple of minutes will really help with inflammation and can reduce pain as well.

2. Get a foot massage

If there are no willing significant others to give you a foot rub, you can always go to a professional. Besides, a physical therapist will really know what they are doing and they will help your feet feel better while moisturizing them. Book an appointment for a foot massage or reflexology once in a while. It can even be a way to treat yourself after an especially hard week.

3. Dip your feet in warm water

Prepare a bowl and dip your feet in warm water, preferably with some bath salts that give off a relaxing smell. epsom salts will work well too. You will feel relaxed and your feet will be less swollen after only 30 minutes of dipping. They will hurt less and you will be ready to face another day of walking. If you live near the beach or a river, consider walking in the shallow water, to enjoy a really fresh feeling.

4. Get a pedicure

Get your skin sorted out and exfoliate your feet with a professional pedicure. Moisturize them, massage them and even get your nails done! Technically speaking, the nails won’t do much to make your feet feel better but they will look pretty and that will make you feel better as a result.

5. Wear comfortable shoes

Tonight, when preparing your outfit for work, leave the high-heels in the closet. Find some cute but comfortable shoes and wear them at least once a week. Your feet don’t need to be in constant pain for you to look good! A nice pair of flats can be priceless and it will help with your feet health.