No matter how hectic¬†life is, your home is your sanctuary. Is where you feel, well, at home. Your home life shouldn’t be adding extra stress on you or your family, but sometimes that feels inevitable. Luckily, even that can be solved. By taking some small steps at a time, you can make your home life more peaceful and enjoy a stress free environment where you need it the most. Here are five ways to get started.


1. Get rid of the clutter

A cluttered space means a cluttered mind. It’s very difficult to relax if you feel cramped. Get rid of all the objects that make you feel stressed or give you negative thoughts. Consider redecorating your common spaces to get rid of excessive clutter and unnecessary trinkets. Consider getting smaller furniture, having space to walk around will do wonders for your mood. Make sure everyone is picking up after themselves too, having your living room floor covered with Legos will not help your stress levels.

2. Solve problems as soon as possible

Change that light bulb, call the plumber, get the dishes washed. Don’t wait more than necessary, because you will only get even more stressed out and you will get a nagging feeling until you get it fixed. But this goes beyond simple household chores. Instill a family habit of talking issues trough, apologizing when wrong and forgiving others. none of your family members is being mean or inconsiderate on purpose, keep that in mind when addressing issues.

3. Decorate with plants

Indoor plants are a great way to decorate that will make your home feel like a more peaceful place. Plants are relaxing, they filter the air and they actually make it easier to concentrate. Beside, caring for your plants will give you a few minutes of silence every day and that can be surprisingly effective in reducing stress.

4. Be grateful and inspire others to be as well

Gratefulness is one of the deciding factors when it comes to people’s happiness and life satisfaction. Be grateful for what you have and what you love about your life. And be grateful to your family too. Make it a point to say “thank you” whenever someone does something for you or when they help with the chores. You might just make it a habit for everyone else as well. And feeling appreciated when you do chores yourself actually makes a really big difference in your life.

5. Enjoy your home

Don’t live in your home as if you have to preserve it in pristine condition “just in case” you get visits. Burn those aromatic candles, bring out the nice silverware on special nights and spend a few minutes cuddling with your cat on the living room couch. Things will get spilled, dirtied and sometimes broken. But all that can be fixed. It’s not more important than actually enjoying your own home.