Baby is almost here and one of the perks of being a new mom is being pampered by all your family and friends because of the new baby. And one of the funnest ways your loved ones can choose to make you and your baby feel special is a baby shower! If you are helping organize your own or are looking for ideas for a loved one, baby shower games can be kind of difficult to come up with. Not to worry, here are some fun ideas to try.


1. Match the baby picture

This is a cute game you need to prepare for when sending out the invitations. When telling everyone the date, location and time, tell them to bring a picture of themselves as babies. The cuter or more embarrassing the better. When it’s time for the game, make the guests try to match the baby picture to the owner. The person with the most correct matches wins a small prize.

2. Baby’s the word

An icebreaker that goes on for the rest of the party. As soon as each guest comes through the door, pin a safety pin to their clothes and tell them they cannot say the word “baby” until it’s time to open the presents. From now on, every time a guest catches another breaking the rule, they can steal their safety pin and pin it to themselves. When the game is over, the person with the most pins wins a prize and bragging rights.

3. Items in the bag

You will need a diaper bag and ten commonly used baby items. A baby bottle, a bib, a diaper or a rattle are all great choices. When the game starts, hand every guest a pen and paper. Each guest gets one minute to stick their hand in the bag and feel around for a bit. No peeking inside! After the minute are up, they pass the bag to the next guest and they write down as many items as they could identify. The winner is the guest with the most correct answers, of course. The best part of this game is that the winner may get a small prize, but the mother to be gets a diaper bag filled with baby essentials!

4. Make your own onesie

This is another game that sneakily leaves the mom with an extra gift or two. And it’s really fun too! Buy several plain onesies in different colors and sizes, some brushes and baby-safe fabric paint in different colors. Now it’s time to get crafty. Divide the party into teams and let them decorate their own onesie with the paint. Everybody wins at this game, especially the baby, who will come to the world with a complete wardrobe decorated with love.